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Africa is once l again on the cross roads with the rejection of the electoral victory in Gambia and  but also good news victory in the current election in Ghana.l believe that real power lies in the hands of the people.There is need organise and reject African strong men where the think the countries they rule is their property.lets reject those forces of darkness sabotaging change and real Democray who improvise they people and carry on rituals in the name of fake elections they organise every five.l strong Believe that the problems facing Africa need local solutions therefore what are you


Dear comrades as we fighting for freedom in Africa we must first you need to know that victory in politics comes at a price namely going to jail,lost of Business,Death etc secondly building organisational capabiliies thirdly you need to implementing your political plans through taking Action fourthly you need to monitor and evaluations of your Activities.The ball is in your court raise up to be counted among those who did something about what goes on in their societies.


Democray is the government of the people for the people by the people.its sad that in Africa elections are mere selection of rulers because this rulers arent accountable to the people.Do you agree that we get the leaders we deserve and not we desire?l believe that we in Africa have a responsible to what happens to us and we need to do some thing about the poor leadership in Africa especially the youths.There are three tools we can use to bring change in Africa one is we need to change our mindset that we dont have power and we are subjects and not citizens and we need to stand firm and bold


My comrades the fate of Africa lies in our hands.l humbly would like to awaken my fellow comrades to stop dreaming that the mzungu will come to sort out our mess.its sad to see Africa under go bad leadership such as Robert mugabe who is clinging on power in his sunset years delievering nothing to the people holding the country hostage.l therefore would recommend these following measures to be used used by my comrades to bring change in their creating awareness among the masses through providing information secondly organisation where the grass root leaders need to build grass

people power

its seem amazing in Africa that the African elite dont take time to learn from History that when the people are organised the could easy regain their power from the political elite just like the case in tunisia,Egypt,Burkina faso among others.far more look at uganda where the opposition leader is arrested before and after the 2016 general election what do you learn from his party Defiance to perserve our freedoms and Democray our fore fathers fought for?l finally want to inform the young people in the world in general and Africa in particulary that our fore fathers fought for our independen

Democray and Good governance in Africa

its sad that in Africa the will of the people doesnt reflect when they go to polls.The issues affecting Africa cant be addressed by the foreign powers like the United states of America,united kingdom among others.The solution to Africa's problems are within us.The challenge Africa faces is huge these a rally point to the youths,women,civil society and other stake holders take up these task.finally the future of Africa lies in we young people.


it now normal that in Africa elections don't reflect the will of the people.this can be seen on the continent like in Tanzania,congo and the automass zanzibar among others.Dictactors in Africa use elections as a ritual to illegal  legimacise themselves in is interesting that the political elite either even don't fear God or have the interests of their people at Heart.Therefore the responsiblity of the Africans especially the youths,women and the professionals among others are to provide leadership to the people.conclusively the challenge to liberate and see Africa prosper.

political Activism

As its clear we are being colonised by black Africans it it our resposibility to first to liberated our ourselves and mother Africa secondly we need to change our mindset that change is possible when we do it our themselves and lastly organise ourselves and co-odination among like minded comrades to effect change all in all to change our society

This is collective leadership This is collective leadership

over a long period of time the people in Africa have been leaving the Question of governance to the politicans and leave there future to be played with those in power.these is a calling on all citizens particular in Africa to take these call the Advanced democries the politicans are taken as servants and not to be worshipped like small gods.our future is in our hands lets not blame the colonialists but take responsiblity your society start from now start strategying on how to better your people God Bless Africa

The role of citizens

Comrades our Destiny and future are in our Hands.we get the leaders we deserve and we can either use our voting rights as a weapon to deny the corrupt and power Hungery leaders or we see these half baked leaders who Advance the selfish interest to ruin the state coffers and not Advance the people's Agenda.The decision to hold these leaders accountable to us there fore the role of citizens to change the bad leaders is in our Hands.l there fore call upon the pro Decomracy Activists not to give up but press on with these call to liberate they countries Be firm because attainting Decomracy come