Kisumu County Students Union (KICOSU) on insecurity within Kisumu

KICOSU Secretary general Fred Makajos addressed a press conference on insecurity within Kisumu County especially on students within Kisumu, he mentioned that the rising case of insecurity remains a threat even after Inspector General Mr. Boinett paid a visit to the region.

 It is sad to see the innocent students perish in cold blood with no action agitated.

Two weeks ago, two students commonly known as Comrades from Kisumu National Polytechnic and one from Maseno University were brutally attacked by gangsters.

He said that comrades can’t relent on these issues as their priorities don’t give room to ignorance and shall not adjourn to their comfort zones yet comrades often fall as victims of circumstances.

He demanded that the Kisumu County Security periphery ranging from the OCPDs, Commander and OCS to embark on the task to ensure this menace is a slogan taken to history.This is not ultimatum setting, but the ultimate plea to demand for the students rights that are well stipulated in the Kenyan constitution.

The series of attacks at that have been taking place from 7:30pm to 12:00 midnight, will be better described as massacre should the status quo be adhered  to.

He said that they don’t operate the jungle, there are set of rules and Makaveli politics should not blemish his move. Police patrols in the entire county have to take effect as comrades are not ready to lose lives for the situation to be termed as serious.

Therefore he wishes on behalf of the entire comrades’ fraternity to advocate a meeting with the OCPD, COUNTY COMMANDER and the OCS for them to accord us measures they will obligate themselves as a move to combat the ongoing malice.