Michezo Africa

'Michezo Afrika'. What comes to your mind? Sports, all African games and so on, very few ever think of a drama club. USIU drama club! The club’s main aim is to identify and gather talent from the student fraternity. We do plays, choral verses, mimes, solo verses, narratives, and dances. The club is actively involved in various on and off campus theatre activities. Our crew presents entertainment pieces in campus events whenever called upon. Various nationalities are represented in the club hence our cultural diversity, which is one of our strengths. Club membership is open to all majors, we meet every Friday at 10am either in the auditorium or in LT 2. A membership fee of kshs50 per semester (150 per year) is payable to the treasurer of the club anytime anyday. What else....people say we are crazy but I don't think so, in Michezo you be yourself and do whatever you've always wanted to do.