Hon-Sakaja at Riara University 3D week

To kick start the opening of a new semester at Riara University commencing may 2015, The student body chaired, by law student Niven Sululu, organized the dedicated, determined and driven event dubbed the 3D event. This event is designed to provide motivation and encouragement to carry on despite the challenges that students may face this semester.On the first day of this event Wednesday 26/05/2015 the event was graced by
Hon Sakaja - Guest of Honor, Ambassador Nabukwesi & CEO-Think Big Ltd-Ochieng’ Oloo.

Awaken the Giant Within |  Hon Sakaja

Seasoned politician and accomplished legislator Hon Sakaja spoke of Mental emancipation. In addressing the young crowd, he told them that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish if only they put their minds to it. He spoke of mind over matter and asked the students to not allow environmental factors to be the main determining factors of their futures but rather, let focus and determination in their minds steer them to success.

“believe in yourself, align your purpose with your career, be a person of your word,

Find your purpose and you will never work a day in your life.” - Hon Sakaja


Values, Principles & Resilience - Ambassador Nabukwesi

Ambassador Nabukwesi gave an inspiring and fun talk to the audience. He addressed several ideas that would ultimately lead one to success. He spoke of the importance of values, individual values, community values and even national values.

He advised students that the secret to life is in understanding principles. Principles are the guidelines to success and a clear understanding and practice makes life easier and is necessary for the attainment of one’s goals

He warned against instant gratification and encouraged patience and discipline. Life can be challenging and urged that the youth need not fall prey to the desire of taking shortcuts.

“Love what you do and do it we'll and you will be happy, happy are they who have found what they love to do” - Ambassador Nabukwesi

Money is not equal to success

CEO-Think Big Ltd-Ochieng’ Oloo took an interesting approach to the discussion and explained that success is not necessarily financial. He spoke of success in family relations, health and a good social life. He encouraged the students to be resilient in life and to remember that things don't always turn out as one would expect, but that they should never give up.

The 3d event has its final leg on Friday 29th may 2015.This promises to be a super awesome day,as their will be some extravaganza graced by some of the popular local artists, see you all there !!!