Sondeka Festival 2015 | Sites and Sounds

Sondeka Festival 2015 | Sponsored by Airtel went down last weekend,  At the Aboretum in Nairobi. It went down on saturday and sunday. All i can say for all those that dint make is that you missed one of the most chilled out events that went down this year.

Staying true to the theme of the Airtel Sondeka festival, The Festival was a mash up of Arts, Music and Innovation. There were several different stalls hosting different activities and presentations.

On the Arts Side, there were several Artists ranging from painters to those that recycle plastics to create jewelery. Artists were onsite and drew portraits of clients in real time. This was awsome to watch.

Innovation featured several parties such environmentalists like the green community. The Green Community presented on creative methods of how keeping the environment clean, litter free and green.

My favorite bit of the festival was the music. The event was characterized by chilled out Music performances by great artists such as our very own Kidum. An artist that was formerly unknown to me, going by the name Mim Suleiman.of Tanzania Based in the United Kingdom turned out to be my favourite artist of the festival. Her sound is simply off the chain, She had this mystic vibe and her style was simply unique and abstract. Its almost like the message in her music was transmitted more by the rhythim and intensity of her performance than the actual lyrics of her music. Find Mim Suleimans music here and check out her profile here.

All in all it was an awsome weekend. A lot of beautiful ladies turned up. Sunday was especially chilled out as parents showed up with their kids.

Dont forget to turn up for the next Sondeka Festival | 2016. Im sure it will be way sicker than this one was, so watch this space.